Sex is that moment of our life when two bodies get up in each other, but have you ever thought that songs at the time of sex can improve your experience? By the way, I always keep my favorite sex playlist ready according to my mood at the time of intimacy and my personal experience says that with the help of songs, we can make our sexual movement even deeper. Now, when you have decided to give it a try, you might be confused about which song to listen to while having sex? Relax! I am here to save your day. Stick with me, I have come across the playlist according to your mood for your bed burst time.

Songs express our mood very much, the vibes of songs have so much power that they can change our mood completely. People often listen to songs even while reciting while partying outside, at work, or a romantic date. But listening to the perfect match-up song while the moment of intimacy can enhance your energy and sexual experience.

However, I have shared my playlist, but would suggest you listen to your favorite songs and make your own playlist according to your mood because it is not necessary that the vibes of the songs and your mood is perfect for each other at a moment. So, after understanding the spirit of the times, you should start the playlist of songs.

Songs to play for better sex

Do you want to excite your partner and want him/ her to be rough on your body, by playing songs of high beats and ambiance? Such songs can increase the secretion of adrenaline and can excite your partner to go wild. Check out the collection below from my hard and passionate mood list.

  1. I am gonna feel it – by Michele Morrone

Haven’t discovered this rare hardcore song from 365 days? Oh no, you have missed out on one of the hottest gems. The sexy voice of Michele can make you feel the moment and go hard.

  1. Love me like you do – by Ellie Goulding

This song is from the massive hitbox of the year 2015 Fifty shades of dark movie. This song became more popular from the sizzling shower kiss scene when our handsome hot guy Christian Grey lifted Steele in his arms and kissed in the shower.

  1. I feel like I’m drowning – by Two Feet

Yeah, the high beats going up and down goes amazing with the hard mood. Make love in a dark environment, and you will feel the beats hit hard in your bed.

  1. Into you – Ariana Grande
    If all you want to do is fall in deep until you cross your line? Ariana has sung the match for you. When it’s Ariana Grande, the song is gonna be high notch. So, why don’t you give it a try?

Bedroom mixes are hard to find, but I have put out my taste. If you are my type, searching for passion and sensation with a perfect blend of flow. Bingo! This list can suit your mood.

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